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June 15, 2021 2022-04-05 9:02

Come in, take your shoes off and let yourself sink into the mattress. Close your eyes for five minutes, smile…

₱12,200 Per Night
57 sqm
1 bed
1 bathroom

Experience comfort and satisfaction here at our Deluxe Suite while marveling at its sophisticated and modern design. Offers 57 square...

₱17,500 Per Night
70 sqm
2 beds
1 bathroom

The 70 square meter Family Suite accommodation at Kaaya is perfect for a beach vacation that will forever be memorable...

₱14,600 Per Night
64 sqm
1 bed
1 bathroom

Our Premier Suite offers you a relaxing and rewarding stay. With 64 square meters of luxurious space and a modern...

₱25,700 Per Night
155 sqm
3 beds
2 bathrooms

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when...

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